Anything that happens in life can happen in a show... (and it did!)

St Andrew's Players 2004

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The Director's Notes
Hello and welcome to our web site! For those old friends that know us, I hope you enjoy browsing through the many pictures and listening to the songs from our previous shows and I hope they bring back many good memories. For those of you who are new to us, please don't log off just yet! Have a good look around and see what you're missing!

Weather you're a first time watcher just browsing the web, or you're a long time visitor to the St Andrew's Players we would like to see you all soon! Our latest show has just taken place - if you missed it you missed a great night! If you did miss it don't panic - we'll have all the photo's, music and video clips available for download very soon!

Thank you, and enjoy our site - we hope to see you all soon!

- Sue xxx


A Slight Improvement... [Jul. 4th|19:28 pm ]

[article by| Lennon Rich]

Well the website was down for a little longer than I had expected, but the gallery and download sections are back up, so have a good look around! You can contact us once again by clicking the link on teh navigation bar!


A Small Matter of Change [Jun. 14th|11:12 am]

[article by| Lennon Rich]

Due to a change of server the web site will be down for approx. 1 week, assuming all goes well (which inevitably in the land of IT - It doesn't!) So for now, please enjoy looking at this placeholder!